ReyChem Focuses on Solutions

Custom products. Custom service. These are the hallmarks of ReyChem Company. For over three decades, ReyChem has been providing quality industrial chemicals and janitorial supplies tough enough to exceed customers’ expectations and safe enough to protect the environment.

Owned and operated by its founders, ReyChem has steadily grown through experience and superior performance, yet remains personal enough to know its customers on a first-name basis. Hands-on management empowers the company to be flexible, providing quick turnaround and customized solutions.

Unique Service and Products

Standard Formulas: ReyChem delivers a comprehensive line of industrial chemicals and janitorial supplies. Based on years of experience meeting customers’ needs, ReyChem created its standard formula product lines, all of which adhere to the company’s stringent quality standards.

Custom-Blended Solutions: For challenging situations, ReyChem offers custom-blended chemical solutions. These formulas, tailored to meet exacting specifications, augment ReyChem’s comprehensive product lines. Company representatives work one-on-one with customers to develop the best products made to order for their specific needs.

The ReyChem Guarantee

Customer Service and Training: Since 1982, ReyChem’s solution providers have worked directly with customers, analyzed their needs and developed a core line of high-quality products. All are marketed under the ReyChem brand by sales representatives whose service helps guarantee the right fit between product and application.

They meet with customers, help determine individual needs, and simplify the decision-making and ordering process. In-house staff training is also provided.